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Veliki brat


Zeljko is working on Dvor

Sat, 01/01/2011 - 8:04AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

Zeljko Mitrovic has returned to his duties after several days in the hospital. The owner of TV Pink and "Dvor" show will still have to go for a short treatment at the famous clinic in Austria. Mitrovic is suffering from severe anemia, which is the cause of his stressful life, which is not uncommon among the modern business people.

- Zeljko Mitrovic feels great and works. We all advised him to listen to doctors and to take a little vacation after the New Year to his exhausted body can fully recover. Pink media system is set up to work quite well and we will try to offload Zeljko until you recover - we were told Tanya Vojtehovski from Mitrovic's company.

After several decades of business life, Zeljko Mitrovic will have to take a break. All the stress that is reflected in to him collected through a serious illness. Hardest thing to him is all year travel. He travels several times a year even in the USA where he has meetings with Hollywood producers, and he also has meetings in Europe with his business partners. For now they will have all its obligations and problems to postpone a little bit because if this continues maybe his life will be threatened, which is not worth the price.

As he has worked three months around the clock on the formation of television office "Pink" in Slovenia and Macedonia, his health was endangered. Due to sleeping and hyperactivity, blood tests he has been seriously compromised. Doctors have determined that he suffers from a rare type of anemia that requires intensive care and increased infusion to keep it a blood count stabilized.

Zeljko Mitrovic's medical condition improves after therapy. Still he will have to visit some of the specialized clinic in Austria or Italy where he will spend four weeks. After this he should return to normal life and focus on his work, especially his latest project - reality show "Dvor Blog".


Do you watch Farma Srbija?

Mon, 12/27/2010 - 11:36AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

Tonight begins the second season of the most popular TV show "Farma Srbija", a broadcast begins tonight live on TV Pink. In this reality show will participate in sixteen known persons, and they will be totally isolated on the farm, where he will work all village affairs. The main prize is 100,000 euros, while gaining the competitor who gets the most votes and win after three months of this fun project.

The second season of the show "Farma" should be very interesting. It promises us that the organizers of the farm called Marija Serifovic and Dragan Marinkovic Maca. They are good friends, and they will certainly be very entertaining, as we would like to.

- Each participant has signed his contract, and fees are part of the contract. Therefore, there is no standard agreement for all but the contracts were drawn up separately. Since it is not allowed to reveal the terms of the contract, it is forbidden to talk about fees - said for our site Maja Govedarica, a spokesman for "Farma".

The appearance of the estate has remained completely the same, but the new farmers will move in. New competitors will have problems as the previous one, and these are everyday problems of each farmer who lives in the village. They will have to fire vines, swim in a barrel, to use the village toilets. The advantage of the participants had their first season because they used the new stuff, and these participants will now use the old stuff and the furniture from the first season.

Although this way of life will be VIPs certainly be a big challenge, all the competitors on the other hand make good money in favor of what they gave up all the amenities of luxury living. As we learn, fees for participation are much higher this year, and some farmers have agreed figure that almost can be compared to the prize fund.

TV Pink has decided this season to pay the incredibly high fees. Some farmers will have a few thousand euros per week and in contracts they have special bonuses that can go up to the sum of 100,000 euros on Farma Blog. These figures guarantee a good and interesting show.


This winter on TV Pink - Dvor Srbija

Sun, 12/26/2010 - 6:35AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

The last few days on TV Pink is busy for the implementation of a new project which is expected to grow into the biggest reality show of all time. It is a show called "Dvor" and it should be completely new and unique one.

At a press conference in the building of TV Pink, TV station owner Zeljko Mitrovic has announced new stuff for next year. Among them we single out as the most interesting reality show "Dvor" that should start running in early January. It will compete VIP competitors that will live like kings, princes, knights, slaves and court jesters. The show will last for 60 days and will be broadcast live.

- "Dvor Srbija" is completely unique show, nowhere anything like it was never broadcast and this will be the first time you see something like this. It will compete VIPs from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro and other countries. They will have their roles, there will be a king and queen with their assistants, to the lowest class backgrounds and the armor-bearer of slaves. In the contest will be different from other versions reality shows such as Big Brother or Farm - have said Zeljko Mitrovic to the reporters and explained why he chose Simanovci as a location of his new project:

- The interior of the royal palace will be located in Simanovci most powerful industrial center in Serbia. We decided to invest in this area, located only thirty miles from Belgrade, because it is very promising and largely affects the entire economy of the country - said Mitrovic.

On the occasion of launching the new show TV Pink, which threatens to break all records in the audience, there is released www.dvorsrbija.com web site from that will follow all the adventures of the participants of Dvor blog, and for those who want to share their impressions with others, can do it on the forum. The countdown has started, and 9 January we will meet and celebrities who will move into the castle.


Vlada does not like Milos Bojanic

Fri, 12/03/2010 - 9:23AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

Leader Vladimir Stanojevic, who was ejected from Saturday, "Farms", says that a normal person can not understand the behavior of Milos Bojanic in tv show Dvor Srbija!

In an interview with the Press the Government says that no girl with the estate can not be compared with his Nina, which he realized that the woman of his life.

- I have always loved his girlfriend Nina! No girl with a "farm" it is not up to my knees! There I realized that I miss a lot and I can not wait to be together. That was it confirmed to me telling me every day looking to four in the morning. It was a good reason to continue where we left off before my entry into the property.

Because we constantly invent various situations, and even if I told him that I loved with Milena Ćeranić. It is out of mind, a man is ill vain! Looking at his behavior, one can conclude that it is not normal in Dvor Blog - and not offend every means to make a humbled!


Ekrem Jevric - A miracle on Farma

Thu, 11/18/2010 - 11:05AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

<span style="font-family: arial,sans-serif; font-size: 16px;">Ekrem Jevric is completely mad for roommate Wendy! <span>On the party at "Farma" Ekrem loved singer-in-cheek, massaging her hands and said he would like to have children with her!

</span>As noted Jevrićevu heat for Wendy, Marjorie, where he discovered he could take her without being noticed. Ekrem told Wendy that he loves her and together they went to the pantry, where he later came out with a big smile!
<span>While Ekrem flower rose, Marjorie can not come to him since he came to Boki 13 "farm".

</span>- I've had one condition for entry - that no representative of gays, lesbians and others!And then enters Ono - complained Marjorie.
- Please cooperative and the audience to react to an insult on the occasion of sexual and ethnic lines - Boka said, citing examples of disqualified farmers Milan Paroškog and juice.</span>

From the PR service "farma blog" say that have not yet decided whether it will be recognized by Marjan.
- Contract Marjan Risticevic in any of the items does not differ from the contract signed by the other farmers. On the other hand, the production retains the right to assess when and how someone from the farmers should be sanctioned - said PR "Farma blog" Stevan Lazarevic.


Serbia got talent starts on Serbian national television

Sun, 10/31/2010 - 6:21AM by darkoko 0 Comments -

Show-program "Ja imam talenat" from autumn to run on the channel RTS, auditioning for the new candidates are in full swing, and about the fact that the interest is great is the fact that the daily logs between 80 and 90 candidates.

<span id="result_box" lang="en">
"I have talent" will get a completely new look, including changing the scenery in the study of RTS where it will be broadcast elimination programs, and to some extent will be changed and set design at the Theatre at Terazije, where filming began in mid-September. In addition to these papers, the producers announced and daily shows, which will be broadcast in the morning and evening every day, to which viewers could no longer bind to their favorites and vote for them throughout the week. <span>The first season of the show "I have talent," spawned a lot of interesting talents and gained great popularity with viewers, and thus we hope to see the special show which will be prepared for the New Year.

</span>Following the example of Britain's license will be made to show "Mark talenterija" similar to Survivor, conducted by Marko Janjic and where known public figures to comment on competitors in the show. Leaders series will continue to be coordinated tandem Ivana Bajic - Vlada Aleksic, and as for the jury, it is speculated to be similar profile as the first judicial trio composed of actress Danica Maksimovic, director of the Philharmonic and the composer John Tasovac Alexander Milic Mili.</span>


Zika is against Milena's and Nemanja's relationship!

Fri, 10/29/2010 - 3:44PM by darkoko 0 Comments -

Producer of "Grand Production" Jaksic Zika is disappointed with the behavior of "Grand Star" Nemanja Stevanovic and Milena Ćeranić in reality "Farm". Zika Nemanja be considered to terminate the relationship with Milena!

<span id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en"><span>

</span>- They are not each other! I'm at "The Farm", I would Nemanji to terminate the connection and helped him to overcome the "posleraskidni" period - Zika said the show "The people asked," arguing that the frequent quarrels "Grandovog" and Zvezde Granda para overcome any measure.</span>

Almost at the same time, Miles and Nemanja have quarreled again! This time, Miles was in the midst of discussion went into the bathroom to cry. Nemanja went for it in the only place to "farm" where there is no camera, but forgot a couple in love on "bugs".

- I do not feel you anymore, you stand as a pillar next to me. Who will constantly think what to say and not ask how I feel. And I like the puppy round the clock myself bouncing around you, I'm sick - Milena said.

Nemanja was trying to calm down, claiming that he could not relax. Angry when he said "it does not feel" and sought to explain what it means.
- Sometimes, when we argue, and I felt, I knew you cared, and now in doubt it. I think that your feelings stopped - she was Ćeranić, while Stevanovic is trying to reassure said in Zvezde Granda Blog.

- You want to say that I do not like? Tell me what to do to prove to you that I love - defended the farmer Romeo.
According to the custom, after a several-hour discussion, the young couple are reconciled. While they love solving problems, Firči boss decided that its power management applied over Juice. He told him that every time you say the catch-phrase "my brother" have to make two buckets of water from the well!